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      2. 皮革切割機刀片(Leather Cutting Knives)
        • 型號 :
        • 價格 : ¥0.00
        皮革切割機刀片(Leather Cutting Knives)

        皮革切割機刀片(Leather Cutting Knives)


        Carbide knives for cutting leather industry, such as Zund knives,Teseo knives,Comelz knives.Atom knives,Elitron Knives,Wild  Knives Ruizhou knives,Jingwei knives,Newbull knives,Akoe knives,Iecho knives...

        Company Information
        • 8years of experience in the manufacture of industrial  blades
        • Blade dispenser enables blades to be safely removed individually
        • Customer-specific livery possible and individual packaging
        • supper sharpness and long cutting life  
        • Single-sided and double-sided blades are available
        • Materials and hard coating to customer specification   

        If you have more questions to know ,please contact us . 
        Phone Number:+86-18823852826     
        Email: info@china-oyea.com
        Web: www.china-oyea.com
        We warmly welcome every customer to send us drawings for making customized product.  
        Contact with us ,you will get more than what you can !        


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